A Guide to Using Automated SEO Tools to Improve Search Engine Ranking (Plus 11 Best Tools)

Many businesses want to be visible on search engines to help them grow. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to attracting organic traffic, and improving website ranking. It can be complex and time-consuming, but automated SEO tools will help you manage tedious SEO tasks and focus on big-picture projects. These tools offer different functions, like keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building. Also, these SEO automation tools will help empower users to enhance their SEO strategies effectively. Furthermore, I will walk you through some automated SEO tools, discussing the free and best ones.

Key point

  • Search engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to attracting organic traffic and improving website ranking, but can be complex and time-consuming,
  • Automated SEO tools include various techniques such as keyword analysis, content optimization, and link building. This automated tool helps you complete your task quickly, which will take you more time manually. 
  • This SEO tool helps you save time and effort. Also, they are called automated SEO tools and are the leading technical business trends for 2024.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights, Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, Answer the Public, and Google Analytics are free automated tools that boost your website’s organic SEO rankings, enabling you to profit immediately from your marketing today.
  • The best-automated SEO tools to help your website include Semrush, SentiOne, MarketingCloudFX, and Screaming Frog.

SEO automation involves using digital tools to perform SEO tasks. These tools help you save time and effort. They are called automated SEO tools and are the leading technical and business trends for 2024. Automated SEO tools include various techniques such as keyword analysis, content optimization, and link building. These tools help you complete your task quickly, which would take you more time manually. 

Also, these tools can help you to effectively and efficiently manage and coordinate your work. It allows marketers to focus on strategies, thereby optimizing their digital marketing efforts. Moreover, SEO automated tools generally perform repetitive tasks. Some businesses also use this globally to support their SEO strategies. These tools allow teams to focus on their aspects, such as creating high-quality content and delivering better user experiences.

As a business writer, I use automated tools to balance SEO requirements and write loop-engaging content. I remember an experience where I needed to optimize my client’s series of articles for her websites. My SEO automated tools were convenient and helpful considering the near deadlines and the heavy tasks ahead for me to tackle. This helped me do my work faster and saved time and effort. Indeed, the result I got was not just well-optimized content but also helped improve her search engine rankings and increased organic traffic for my clients.

These free automated tools can boost your website’s organic SEO rankings, leading to immediate profit in your marketing today. I use these tools most of the time, and they make a difference. Also, it’s an intelligent way I apply to get my work done and save time.

#1. Google PageSpeed Insights

This free automated SEO tool tests your URL’s loading time and performance on desktop and mobile. When I used this tool for the first time, I was amazed by the information it provided about my website’s performance. It grades my site performance from 0 to 100. It also told me exactly how fast it takes to load my site according to different metrics and suggested improvement is needed. Seeing my site laid out like that was eye-opening.    

Also, one thing that stands out about this tool is that implementing its suggestions and testing your site again for improvements in speed or performance leads to a better user experience. It also has a positive impact on your site’s SEO rankings. I can attest that is an important tool that will help improve your website and user experience.

#2. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

This is one of the free automated SEO tools that audits your website for over 100+ technical SEO issues and gives suggestions on how to fix them. After you run an SEO audit, this tool suggests areas where you can improve your internal linking, which helps boost your ranking in search engines. Also, the Ahrefs webmaster tool lets you see your site’s organic keyword rankings and who links to you.

As a business writer and website owner, I always try to improve my site’s performance and visibility in search engine rankings. When I learned about the Ahrefs webmaster tool, I was impressed by its ability to audit my website comprehensively. Additionally, this tool provided insights into my site’s organic keyword rankings and backlinks profile. I recommend this tool for your website because it helps one better understand their site performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

#3. Answer the Public

This is one of the free SEO automated tools that provides a massive list of relevant keywords. It offers a huge list of keyword opportunities and some common questions asked. As a writer, I always search for relevant keywords to understand my audience better. Answer the Public has been a great tool that has helped me generate many keywords I use in my content. Moreover, it didn’t just help me discover keyword opportunities. Still, it assisted me a lot, such as helping me understand my audience’s questions and queries about digital marketing and creating valuable content for them. Ultimately, this tool improved the visibility of my content in search engines. I recommend this tool because it provides many relevant keywords and insights to common queries that help you create more valuable content for the audience. 

#4. Google Analytics 

This automated SEO free tool tracks almost every bit of traffic you can imagine on your website. It checks where your traffic is coming from, the page receiving it, etc. Though it is not only for SEO, it’s still a helpful tool you can use to track when getting traffic from organic searches. However, Google Analytics has stopped showing which keywords send you traffic, but you can pair it with a tool key hero to uncover what’s behind it.

#5. SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

This tool helps you see how your meta title and description will appear in the search results before publishing your page. This tool also works on desktops and mobiles. One of the things I love about the SERP Snippet Optimization tool is its ability to show me how my meta description appears in search results. Also, it helps me craft perfect snippets. Seeing my snippet stand out in search results delights me, which drives traffic to my site. This tool taught me the importance of optimizing SERP snippets to achieve great results. 

I have listed below the best automated SEO tools for your website.

#1. MarketingCloudFX

IBM Watson powers this marketing software. This market software can assist you in managing multiple SEO tasks to improve performance. MarketingCloudFX helps you track your page ranking in search results; it also enables you to monitor how your ranking changes and see how it improves. One thing I love about this app is the ability to pull all your ranking data to give a clearer picture of your ranking performance.

I am a writer who loves to create content that stands out in search engine rankings, MarketingCloudFX is one of the most powerful marketing software programs I use to help improve my SEO efforts. I also use this tool to track the performance of many of my articles. Through analyzing the data provided by MarketingCloudFX, I was able to identify trends in my content performance and make adjustments to improve the visibility of search results. I recommend this app as one of the best automated SEO tools because it helped me improve my writing and achieve better search engine rankings. 

#2. SEMrush

This is one of the most trendy automated SEO tools. SEMrush is one of the best because it allows you to automate many aspects of your SEO campaign. First, I advise using Semrush to find valuable keywords for your SEO campaign. Seeing that the way you optimize for keywords determines when your site appears in search results, you will need to combine relevant keywords on your pages.  

In addition, Semrush helps you identify keywords that your competitors rank for so that you can rank for them. I find this tool very helpful because it allowed me to monitor my website’s performance and compare it with my competitors by tracking my domain position and keyword rankings. Also, SEMrush is essential to me as a writer because it identifies a new keyword opportunity for one of my clients by optimizing the website for a particular keyword, improving their search engine ranking, and bringing more organic traffic to their site. 

#3. Screaming Frog 

This automated SEO tool is best if you want to invest in SEO Marketing automation. It helps you crawl your site and understand better what’s hindering it from performing better in search results. This web crawler looks out for problems with your SEO and can identify common issues that can hamper your SEO, including:

  • Broken links
  • Audit redirects 
  • Duplicate content and more

In my career as a business writer, I use Screaming Frog to help me analyze and improve my website’s performance. Moreover, it has a helpful feature that analyzes page titles and metadata to ensure they are suitably optimized for search engines. It also highlights areas where optimization is lacking. I can attest to screaming frog because it helps me to make the necessary adjustments to improve my websites. Monitoring a website’s performance is tiresome, but the Screaming Frog tool makes it easier to track my website’s performance and identify areas where I need improvement. I recommend this tool because it provides detailed insights into website SEO, analyzes page titles and metadata, schedules regular crawls, and helps you make a good and informed decision about your SEO strategy to improve your website visibility and performance in search engine rankings.

#4. SentiOne 

If you optimize your SEO campaign, you must also pay for your social media campaigns. Although there is no direct impact on rankings from social media, but sharing your pages on social media affects the amount of traffic you drive to your site. When you do so it means social listening and monitoring what users say about your brand and how they interact with it, and SentiONE is the tool for that

SentiONE is a social listening tool that benefits me as a writer. I use it to find bloggers and content publishers who are aware of my brand. It also helps me connect with them to earn backlinks for my business. I recall one particular day when SentiONE alerted me to a trendy topic related to my niche. So, I quickly created and published a piece of content that addressed this topic. This content capitalized on the trend, which attracted significant traffic to my website.

BusinessYield Checklist on How to Use Sentione Tool

The most effective tools for SEO include: 

  • Search console for technical SEO
  • Google Trends for timely keyword planning 
  • Google Analytics for SEO performance tracking Ahrefs for best overall functionality for the money 
  • Semrush for hard-core SEO
  • Screaming frog for finding common issues 
  • Answer the public for topic ideation 

Yes, it is used to measure your SEO, it breaks down your no-sales page impressions and clicks. This is useful for tracking blog content pages to see the most trending topics.

They are valuable resources for digital marketers and website owners because they provide insights into keyword research, on-page optimization, and more.

How Often Should You Monitor SEO?

It is advised that a comprehensive audit be done annually. These frequent quarterly, monthly, or weekly audits result in a dynamic or competitive industry. So the best way to stay on top of content updates is to monitor search engine rankings.


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